Defining the Discipline of Zoology

When probing into the definition of Zoology, one would instinctively be tempted to pick up a dictionary or an encyclopedia and jump right to the letter ‘Z’. So for those curious souls, let us check out a dictionary definition of Zoology. One off the finer definition that delivers the importance of Zoology in a well-structured manner does so with the following words:

That part of biology which relates to the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct.

Other decent explanations of the study of Zoology stating the definition in simpler verbiage:

The study of the properties & characteristics of an animal breed, species or group within a particular region or area


The offshoot of biological sciences that pertains to the examination, development, anatomy, physiology, breeding patterns, classification, habitat/living preferences of animals as individuals & in their communities (groups)

Main Branches or Divisions of Zoology

Delving slightly a little more deep into the science, by evaluating it through information and facts let us touch upon the various divisions of Zoology which will enable the reader to gain a better understanding of the definition of Zoology.

Over the years, Zoologists have worked effortlessly to unearth so many differences within the same breed of a particular animal group that we now have a whole list of species and also sub-species available for studying.

  • An aspiring zoology professional can study extinct animals by specializing in Paleozoology.
  • Similarly, Ornithology opens the doors to the kingdom of birds.
  • The world of snakes and spiders can be observed & explored through Herpetology and Arachnology respectively.
  • Fish remain no mysterious creatures after diving into Ichthyology; with the option of further concentration on dolphins & whales through Cetology.

One of the most liveliest of career paths, the pursuit of zoology  as a career will take you to parts & corners of the world you didn’t even think existed before!