Role, Responsibilities and Job Nature of an Office Manager

office manager job responsibilities Job Description and Responsibilties of an Office Manager

33rd American President Harry Truman once poked a lighter vein and said “I sit here all day trying to persuade people to do the things, they ought to have sense enough to do, without my persuading them.” Well, it seems as if Harry was really being the office manager around the White House. Of course, an office manager job description at another organization might not be as challenging as President Truman’s.

From the external outlook, the office manager job description overlaps with that of an administrative assistant job description, bookkeeper job description, or even a receptionist job description. However, even if it the office manager responsibilities might be considered general in nature, there are some office manager duties that set it apart from the likes of a secretary job description or a business manager job description. Let’s explore the office manager job description.

Definition of an Office Manager

An office manager can be defined as,

A resource responsible for the organization and coordination of office operations, procedures and resources to facilitate organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Salary Range of an Officer Manager

Salary range of an office manager varies greatly because it largely depends on the type and size of the company and might or might not include bonus, profit sharing commission and benefits. However average salary is estimated to be $50,000.

Skill-Set Required for an Office Manager Job


The modern-day office manager firstly needs to possess the knowledge of office administration. This is somewhat like the general manager job description, who knows how to administer an organization effectively. Secondly, the resource must be skilled in human resource management and supervision. Usually because not just him, but also his team, has to coordinate between different departments, and that effort needs to be smooth and streamlined.

Skills & Expertise Required for Office Managers

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

A good office manager job description entails excellent interpersonal skills. The office manager, in essence, is the glue that sticks different parts of the business together. Hence, team-building skills need to be at hand all the time. Some aspects are like that of an operations manager job description, as the incumbent has to have analytical and problem-solving skills.

Problem identification and Solution Oriented Approach

Often business processes get stuck and usually the first person on the scene is the office manager. Hence, to be able to identify the problem and solve it before it effects organizational productivity is key to the office manager job description.

Written and Verbal Skill Set

Further, a good office manager is expected to possess first-rate written and verbal communication skills, and obviously listening skills are part of this genre. Employees usually envision the office manager as the go-to man, and hence, his listening skills and attentiveness need to be such that the employee feels comforted, as if the problem has been taken care of. Also, general management skills such as time-management, leadership, conflict-resolution are all part of the job.

Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities of an Office Manager

Supervisory & Core Functions

Firstly, the office manager job description entails designing and implementing office policies, as well as establishing office equipment standards and procedures. Making sure that all the equipment requirements are met, and if a department has requested something they get it, are usually tasks that fall in the office manager’s bucket. Because correspondence is involved in the job, an office manager needs to be able to make use of applications such as email, word processing, spreadsheets, databases and make presentations.

Procurement Role

Usually because the office manager is responsible for procurement and petty cash items such as tea, coffee etc., he needs to be able to do basic accounting such as accounts payable and receivable, and keep track of memos, invoices etc.

Dealership Duties

The procurement role often entails keeping up-to-date on market prices and negotiating with suppliers for better deals. Finally, part of the core supervisory functions includes records management and maintaining filing systems.

Human-Resource Functions

Another major chunk of the office manager duties is recruiting, training and monitoring office staff. In doing so, he needs to demarcate office staff responsibilities and assign clerical and secretarial functions.

As the leader of the office management staff, he needs to constantly train his resources on playing greater roles for the overall betterment of the organization, whether that means doing their individual duties effectively or keeping other departments happy. Finally, human-resource management for the role also includes monitoring staff performance and implementing appraisals based on the performance-review system.

Required Education and Qualifications for an Office Manager

Typically, a four-year degree in business administration is the basic building-block of the office manager resume. The incumbent needs to possess handy knowledge of accounting systems and procedures, clerical practices and procedures, human-resource management and technical know-how of computer applications.

Sometimes, in rare cases, individuals with a high-school diploma and 5-6 years of relative experience are also selected for the job. But in those scenarios where a degree is not present, the interview must be very very convincing to get the job and land a good office manager salary.