Being a fresh job seeker in today’s market can be met with a lot of negative energy right off the bat. Many graduates are flabbergasted at the notion of being underpaid or unemployed despite their good grades and college success. The outside world works very differently than the academic one, and as such, it offers a plethora of problems for every graduate to overcome if they want to succeed in finding proper employment.

Being inside the box

Students are simply unaware of how the world works while they are in college. That being said, it can be very hard for many students to shake the feeling of being stuck inside a box for years, only to emerge from it and find out that the world has changed.

This can provide huge issues when looking for a job. Writing a resume and applying for a position through interview and selection process can kill the mood for even the most ambitious college graduates out there.

Settling for reality

Once their initial shock passes, it’s often defeating to realize that the skills and qualifications you have gathered during those college years are simply not enough – not for your dream job anyway. That is when college graduates are faced with the harsh reality of taking whatever job is offered to them.

Being picky when you have bills and private expenses to think about isn’t really an option. Most graduates opt for taking whatever job pays marginally within their expectations and often stay there for the remainder of their professional careers.

Unable to negotiate

Talking a professor into giving you a bigger grade or letting you be absent from time to time can soften you – so much so that many college students act the same way once they have graduated. Your future employer won’t care if you have a football game to go to or if a favorite band is in town.

The working hours are strictly set for each position ensuring that employees are productive and contribute to the company. There is no negotiation about the salary either, since graduates should be happy enough to get hired in the first place.

Writing a resume

Writing a resume for the first time can be stressful. Many college graduates have the problem of not being able to sell their skills in the right way. Extracurricular activities in many colleges revolve around finding your artistic or creative purpose without focusing too much on sales, corporate or management skills.

Opting for a top professional expert executive resume preparation service and having professional help is always a good idea when it comes to writing your first resume. It’s one of the safest ways to write a resume without thinking about grammar or formatting errors, especially because the resume will be the deciding factor in your job hunting venture.

Part-time and internships

Many employers are too afraid of hiring a fresh graduate. It’s only logical that graduates lack the necessary corporate skills that can help them stand out in the job market.

That is why many graduates end up with part-time jobs they don’t really like or opt for paid or unpaid internships to further specialize themselves. It’s often hard for a young person to accept the fact that they are not good enough even if they studied hard for years in anticipation of getting hired.

Listening to others

It’s often hard to take advice objectively, especially if it’s coming from someone close to you. Graduates are often surrounded by advices from others about what their next career steps should be.

Your family might tell you to find a job as soon as possible while your friends will tell you that you should find an internship instead. Someone will prefer it if you went outside of the country for further specialization while someone else will tell you to start your own business.

Everyone you meet will have an advice for you but no real solution to finding a job in your field that can sustain your living expenses. Take every advice under consideration but be as objective as possible about it and make your own decision in the end. Whatever you do, it should be because you wanted it to be that way.

Not knowing what’s fair

Getting underpaid is a severe issue that graduates face on a daily basis. You simply don’t have the grasp of the market to know how much you should be paid or if the working hours are appropriate.

Exploiting college graduates for seemingly free work is nothing new and one of the more serious issues that plague the market. Asking your seniors and family about what’s right and what isn’t will give you a better idea about your own first job and the payment you start receiving.

Easy to lose faith

The biggest concern of many professors and parents that support successful students is that they will lose faith before their opportunities come knocking. Facing so many obstacles outside of the classroom can be a punishing experience for young people full of positivity and idealistic worldviews.

It’s important to consider the fact that in order to succeed; you will have to arm yourself with time and energy more than ever in your life. Only then will you be able to find a job and stay employed long enough to gain necessary experience and look for something better – once that happens, the process repeats again and again until you retire.


Getting ahead in life is not easy – that’s why many people give up on ambitious jobs and dreams. They simply don’t want to go through the pressure and effort it takes to become something more than an average worker. For many, being ordinary is just enough. Whatever your plans are for the future – hold onto them.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough because they don’t know you as well as you know yourself. All the problems that graduates face after their college is over are completely arbitrary compared to your dream job and personal happiness.